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You will also find some gcc code at:

ftp://hoffman.rstnu.bcm.tmc.edu/ (gcc in /pub/gnu)
ftp://ugle.unit.no/ (gcc in /pub/gnu-local/apollo)

gcc releases


Various unmodified releases of gcc, gas, and gdb, with patches to get you from one to the next.

Apollo patches for gcc

Various patches to various gcc, gas, and gdb releases, to help them run on Domain/OS. Also some patched releases, where separate patches were not provided.


John Vasta's patches for gas 1.38 (or 1.38.1) to produce Domain/OS coff files.


The directory in which this file was when you picked it up has the GNU utilities for compiling and debugging on Apollo SR10.4. The compiler, assembler, linker and debugger diff files are provided. You will need gcc-2.5.6, gas-1.38.1, binutils-2.0 and gdb-4.9 source directory trees. I used 'diff -r -c' on Apollo 433e with SR10.4, using the one in 'bsd4.3' environment.

I managed to change the GNU linker and GDB to work on SR10.4.

This means users of Apollo SR10.4 can compile, assemble link and debug using just the GNU utilities, without using the Apollo linker etc.

- ck@netrix.com (Chakravarthy Kolli)


Yet another set of gcc patches, this time for gas 2.3, gcc 2.6.0, gdb 4.13, and libg++ 2.6. These are from wje@hoffman.rstnu.bcm.tmc.edu (William J. Eaton), and the originals can be found on hoffman.rstnu.bcm.tmc.edu. I wish someone would grab all the different sets of gcc patches, put them together in a way that makes sense, and send them to me.


From: troy@cbme.unsw.EDU.AU (Troy Rollo)
Subject: GCC with DST debugging for gcc 2.6.3
Date: 1 Jul 1995 01:09:03 GMT

I have updated my patches to allow DST debugging (the native
Apollo debugging format) in GCC to GCC version 2.6.3. There
are included below. Note that you will need a previous version
of gcc to compile these.

There are three files in the tar file - dstout.c, dst.h and
a diffs file which contains modifications to existing files
in the gcc distribution.

If you are using SR10.2 or earlier, you will need to edit the
file config/m68k/apollo68.h after applying these patches, and
comment out the line "#define HAVE_ATEXIT".


Newsgroups: comp.sys.apollo
From: troy@cbme.unsw.EDU.AU (Troy Rollo)
Subject: Apollo native GCC, GAS and GDB available
Organization: University of New South Wales
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 1994 22:11:30 GMT

Versions of GCC, GAS and GDB for Apollo are now available from
plod.cbme.unsw.EDU.AU:/pub/apollo in the files:


These versions support Apollo's native DST information.
GDB is version 4.12 and GAS is version 2.2.

gdb+gas will need to be compiled with a previous version of GCC.
Somebody might like to write patches to make it compilable with the
Apollo compiler. It's about 3 or 4 hours work (depending on the
speed of your machine).

You should compile (and install) gdb+gas before compiling gcc,
otherwise gcc will fail in stage 2.

The steps to get going are (roughly):

	1. Unpack the tar.gz files
	2. cd gdb+gas
	3. ./configure
	4. make
	5. cp gdb/gdb /usr/local/bin/gdb
	6. cp gas/as.new /usr/local/bin/as
	7. cd ../gcc-2.4.5
	8. ./configure m68k-apollo-bsd
	9. run the patch-apollo-includes script (from README.apollo)
	10. make "LANGUAGES = c"
	11. make stage1
	12. make "CC=stage1/xgcc -Bstage1/" "CFLAGS=-g -O"
	13. make stage2
	14. make "CC=stage2/xgcc -Bstage2/" "CFLAGS=-g -O"
	15. make compare (to verify it all went OK)
	16. make install

Note that these versions are not compatible with Chak Kolli's
stabs in COFF patches.There is probably a few days work in merging
the two versions if anybody wants to do it.


GDB 4.12 will work on Apollos as delivered, with [this] small patch.

This version of gdb reads Apollo native debugging information, so you do not need to compile your programs with gcc and gas to use it.

- troy@cbme.unsw.EDU.AU (Troy Rollo)

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