Apollo Photo Gallery

Each thumbnail image is a link to a much larger photo.


E1. dn330 //astro, Chelmsford, 1985.

E2. ari is a DSP10000, and there's a sun 3/260 showing on the right of the picture.

E3. beam is a DN4500 (left monitor, top CPU) and mouse is a DN3500 (right mon, bottom CPU).

E4. beam and mouse CPUs.

E5. reef is a DN300.

E6. foo & apollo are DN3000s.

E7. kriek is a DN3500.

E8. peak is a diskless DN3010, actually booting off ari with a small compexe release i made (full a88k support and enough m68k support to get Xdomain running on peak).

E9. 3c505 ethernet board.

E10. DM screen shot from a dn330.

E11. A stack of manuals.

E12. Apollo farm at Netscape. The machines are //hydrogen, //helium, and //lithium; all DN3500s. There is a story behind the camouflage netting.

E15. dn3500 //dabo and dn330 //ubud.

E16-E18. Bill's Apollo farm.

E19-E22. One DN3010, 2 DN5500 and 3 425t.

E23. dn3500 apollo.citi.umich.edu and a spare dn3000.

E24, E25. Token Ring Remote Network Switch (RNS) discovered at UM north campus.

E26. Network switch.

E30-E32. 9-track tapes, cartridge tape drive, 8-inch floppy drive.

E33. 8 and 5 inch floppies, cartridge tape, 9-track tape.

E34-E35. Spare boards and memory.

Promotional Items

P27-P29. "I'm a star" coffee mug, candy dish, refrigerator magnets.

P30-P31. SR10 T-shirt, Cougar-I sweat shirt.

P32-P33. Fifth Anniversary keychain.

P34-P35. Beach bag, Domain/IX tote bag.

P36. Gift from "Association Franšaise des Utilisateurs Apollo."

P37. SR10 Team plaque.

P38. Name badge.


G37-G39. Public node room at Apollo Chelmsford R&D, August 1983.

G40-G41. Apollo booth at Uniforum '85.

G42. Chelmsford HQ in 1983.

G43. dn100 and dn300 at the Computer History Museum.

Ishimura has some photos too.

E2-E8, E11 by Nickolai Zeldovich <kolya@zepa.net>.
E12 by Frederick Roeber.
E16-E18 by Bill.
E19-E22, P36 by Robert FRANCHISSEUR.
E24-E25 by unknown.
All others by Jim Rees.
All rights reserved.

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