Police Assault Crater Dig!

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In the summer of 1972 the Rainbow People organized a "crater dig" on the diag to protest the Vietnam war. I took this photo with my Canon-made Leica replica. The Sun didn't want to pay money for photos so I said they could use it for free if they gave me credit. They used the photo but did not give me credit.

The text of the story is available at the AADL web site, Police Attack Crater Dig!.

Crater dig on the diag, summer 1972. I like how the one cop with no sunglasses is looking right at me. I think it helps humanize the police. Minolta srt-101 on Tri-X, probably either a 200 or a 135 with 2x tele-extender.

In 1989 I went to Laos and saw an actual bomb crater from the secret war the US waged on Laos. It was a whole lot bigger than the ones on the Diag.

I also learned that there was still a lot of unexploded ordnance. Farmers and children were still getting killed 16 years after the war ended.

Jim Rees