Downtown Ann Arbor 1995

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Afterwords Book Store
Afterwords Book Store.

Bella Ciao Restaurant
Bella Ciao Restaurant.

Blind Pig
Blind Pig.

Cloverleaf Restaurant
Cloverleaf Restaurant.

Del Rio Bar
Del Rio Bar.

Ehnis & Sons
Ehnis & Sons.

Flame Bar
Flame Bar.

Fleetwood Diner
Fleetwood Diner.

Fleetwood Diner
Fleetwood Diner.

Grizzly Peak Brewpub
Grizzly Peak Brewpub (under construction).

Haner's Barbershop and Kilwin's Chocolates
Haner's Barbershop and Kilwin's Chocolates.

Hertler Bros
Hertler Bros.

Lucky Drugs
Lucky Drugs.


Miami Moon
Miami Moon.

Old Town Saloon
Old Town Tavern.

Rider's Hobby Shop
Rider's Hobby Shop.

Schlenker's Hardware
Schlenker's Hardware.

West Side Book Shop
West Side Book Shop.

These photos were taken April 14, 1995, on a Kodak/Apple QuickTake 100.

Jim Rees