First & Washington Parking Garage

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This historic building was the first municipal parking structure in the world. The city plans to tear it down so I thought I should get some photos first. Instead of tearing it down, I think the city should restore it to its 1940s splendor, staff it with crisply uniformed attendants who will wash your car while you shop or dine, and charge an arm and a leg to all those unfortunate tourists who come from places like Novi or Livonia where they don't have a downtown of their own. (I think this was actually my friend Ben's idea but I like it).

But no one listens to my urban planning suggestions, so this building will go the way of other historic buildings like Amy Joy (only commercial A-frame in the county), A&W (last drive-in restaurant in town, closed 1996), and AA Federal on Pauline (only round bank in town).

November 2003

November 2005

January 2006

Jim Rees