UM Railroad

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After seeing Richard Olszewski's web page, The University of Michigan's Railroad, I was inspired to walk the old right-of-way to see if I could find any traces of the tracks. I couldn't, but I did take some photos. Here is how the area looked in August 2002.

Looking E toward the junction with the Michigan Central.

Looking W up the hill.

Looking NE.

Looking N along W Med Center Dr.

Looking S toward Angelo's.
The tracks ran where the sidewalk is now.

The tracks roughly followed this sidewalk next to Angelo's.

Looking N toward the back of Angelo's.

Looking W toward Glen. The tracks ran behind these houses.

The area near the power plant is under construction.
The tracks sat almost directly above the steam tunnel visible in the R photo.

The former coal yard.

Looking S from the power plant.
At one time there was an engine yard here.

This map show the plans for the area.
East is at the top.

Jim Rees