Uniclick xterm


I use xterm as my terminal emulator. It's difficult for me to multiclick. In xterm, to select a word and paste it in the input requires a double click on the left mouse button followed by a single click on the middle mouse button. I wanted to re-bind the multiclick events, but found that they are not bindable events. They are instead a bit of a hack implemented directly in the button logic.

So I made the hack worse by adding two alternate ways to activate select-word() actions. With this patch, ctl-shift-mouse1 will select (copy) a word (like double-click on mouse1), and shift-mouse1 will copy & paste a word.

I think a better solution would be to make the various multiclicks into proper events, and the various select functions into proper actions. So instead of the on2Clicks resource with its limited set of pseudo-actions, you would have a 2Clicks event that could be bound to any action, and a set of select-foo() actions that could be bound to any event.

This diff also makes xterm use the double width font for Thai, just because the DejaVu Sans Mono font I use doesn't have Thai glyphs. This isn't a good fix but it works for me. You probably don't want it.

Jim Rees