I hate Jerry Lee Lewis

I don't actually hate Jerry Lee, but I wouldn't go see him play if you paid me.

I've run into Jerry Lee three times. The first time, in 1987, he was playing the Channel nightclub in Boston and I wanted to see him. So I bought a ticket to the 8:00 show, and arrived at 7:30 to get a good seat. Five and a half hours later, after three warmup bands, he went on at 1:00 and played for 40 minutes. I guess it was good but the wait and short set ruined it for me.

The second time was at a Blues festival in St. Louis in 1997. I was hanging out backstage with Chuck Berry when Jerry Lee insisted on clearing out all backstage guests.

The third time, in 1999, was at a benefit show in San Francisco. Big Sandy, Eric Burdon, George Clinton, Wayne Hancock, Isley Brothers, Wanda Jackson, Harry James Orchestra, Jefferson Starship, Martha Reeves, and Angela Strehli were all playing, at multiple stages. Jerry Lee decided he didn't like the schedule, I think he didn't want to follow Big Sandy, so he changed it and I missed Wayne Hancock.

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Jim Rees