Earthworks High School

Earthworks High School was named for the monumental earthen architecture of the central Ohio River Valley. You can read the Founding Proposal, if you can make out the faded ditto machine ink.

Allan Schreiber has donated his extensive collection of Earthworks memorabilia to the Bentley Historical Library, and would welcome anything former students might want to add. He writes, "I am thinking of a restrospective view in which you say whatever you wish about your experience at Earthworks and any influence it has had on you in subsequent years. It could be anecdotal, critical, clinical, humorous, or all of these and more." If you have something to contribute, please get in touch with Allan at

Allan has also written a Personal History of Earthworks.

Cheryl Murray 1954-2004 Obituary

I have scanned some of the photos from the Schreiber collection at the Bentley. You can view and download them from these galleries:

Please read my license notice before copying my photos.

First day of school.

The early days in the back yard of the Jones building.

Typical classroom.

Study time.

We couldn't afford chairs, and had to sit on the floor.


Sheriff Doug Harvey visiting the school.

Student concentrating on the lesson.

We often gathered around the piano to sing the school song.

Consulting with Tom Dodd.

The Poker Club getting some pointers from Principal Bill Casello.


Earthworkers marching in the Ozone parade.

Jim Rees