Neon Cowboys

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One of my earliest travel memories, from a trip to Disneyland when I was seven years old, is of the giant neon cowboy on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. This sign, whose name is Vegas Vic, was originally installed in 1947 but replaced with the current version in 1951. The cowgirl across the street, Vegas Vicki, aka Sassy Sally, was installed in 1980.

This image is indelibly etched on my mind, so I instantly recognized it when I came across a copy in Taejon, South Korea. Compare the original on the left with the copy in the center.

Years later I came across another copy in Munich, Germany. You can see it here on the right. This one is mounted backwards, with its back to the wall.

If you know of any more copies of this famous sign, please let me know, and send a photo if possible.

Jim Rees