Michigan Avenue, Ann Arbor to Canton

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Driving directions from Ann Arbor to downtown Detroit. Part 1, Ann Arbor to Canton.

Take Huron to Washtenaw to Ypsilanti. Turn right on Hamilton. Stop at Abe's Coney Island for pie and coffee. Turn left on Michigan Avenue. If you turn right you'll end up in Chicago. Stop at the Tap Room and pick up the band schedule.

Head out of Ypsi on Michigan Avenue. Go past the Bomber, which isn't as nice since they remodelled it. Stop at Kluck's Drive-In for an egg roll. Stop at Bill's Drive-In for root beer. Go thrift shopping at Value Village. Don't stop for a beer at the Orange Lantern. Go dancing to Country & Western bands (they have both kinds) at Club Canton, where the Maplelawn Motel is conveniently located right next door.

Heading out of town on Washtenaw.

Famous Ypsilanti Water Tower.

Abe's Coney Island.

Elbow Room.

Tap Room.

Bill's Drive-In Root Beer.

Value Village.

Orange Lantern.

Club Canton.

Text and most photos December, 1999.

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Jim Rees